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Hi, my first post. I thought I should mention that the delay in registration (waiting for manual approval) is something I last saw in an online forum years ago.
I found you guys by a google search. Users such as me will often just move on to something else if they can't gain access to a site instantly.

Why not activate the visual image verification on the registration page to eliminate or at least limit fake reg's?


The simple answer is that captcha's are not 100% effective, and we had a couple of spammer successfully sign up. I don't have any hard numbers but pretty much all registrations are processed within 12h. On the other hand this is the first complaint about the procedure I've received. I am happy to turn it off and revert to the old process - any feedback would be appreciated.

No, it shouldn't bother me again...I'm registered now so should never have to deal with it.
I was just pointing out that the process may push new users away...with the internet flooded with millions of sites all offering the same services or information, webmasters usually do everything they can to make new users stick around for as long possible.
Because the user couldn't find what they were looking for when they took the time to register, they move on to go and find the information or other forums elsewhere...even when registration is granted within 12 hours, they no longer have the need to return as they've sourced elsewhere already.


Another thing, I never received a notification that my registration was accepted or approved or activated or whatever it is.

I think our forum has very specific appeal, if you want to go register on the likes of AVForums.com or Audioholics, you probably don't care enough to stick around here anyway. The lack of notification was my fault, as I explained in my email to you. I will make sure it does not happen again.


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