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Hey everyone :) The forum's been pretty stable for a while, so it's time to shake things up a little.

I have been working on integrating Mediawiki (Wikipedia's engine) into our forum - I think it will be nice to have a little knowledge base of commonly asked questions that we can improve on. There are some technical difficulties but those should be overcome soon.

Along those lines, I was thinking that it would be quite easy to set up an AVForums blog but I don't really have the time to post much in it. Are there any volunteers that might be keen to post a new link every now and again? I am thinking along the lines of Engadget HD but with a South African twist.

You know kay I ws thinking of that very thing just last week, the whole wiki idea, I think its wicked ;D

It's coming, I just need to first upgrade Apache and PHP on the server :)


-Brilliant Idea. Go for it!!


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