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General Forum rules and guidelines
« on: March 09, 2012, 09:15:10 AM »
In addition to this:,2186.0.html

Just for clarity:

1. No disclosure of personal contact information (Telephone, email or physical). If you choose to let your email and IM details be known, please add it to your profile in the relevant places.

2. For Classified posts, please read the rules stated in that board CLEARLY.

3. NSFW is only allowed in Open chat and is strictly moderated by the Mod team. The level of NSFW content is only open to interpretation by the Mod team. Which means, it will be deleted/modified by the Mod team and is not open to debate.

4. Banter amongst members is fine and even encouraged, malicious attacks that are beyond the scope of jest and banter is not. Again this will be determined b the Mod team and is again not open for debate.

5. Profanity - is allowed but a profanity filter is in place. Members have the option to disable this filter if they wish.

..Updated as and when required
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