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Site Time Zone


The Godfather:
Looks like the site time it isnt set to SA +2hrs time

It is Confusing the s out of me


Try reset the time zone in your profile! I also did this recently.


Hmm, I must investigate what it would take to change the server. I thought I did set the forum's default timezone to GMT+2 though, maybe you still have an old setting from before the upgrade? You can set it in your profile settings. Anyone else experiencing weird time & date issues, esp. newly registered users? (C'mon, ya lurkers, let's hear from you :) )

The Godfather:
OK I Did a test.

The setting for SA's on THIS forum should be +1. Mine somehow had been altered to -1.

Dont know why +1 and not +2 as we are on GMT+2 ?

Anyway all works perfect now - Thanks Kay & FD!

It's probably automatic daylight savings time adjustment that's screwing us around. I've set the overall board offset to +6, so that you guys can just set yours to 0, but it should be +7 as of now. I'll see if I can't change the server to SAST, then we can all reset our settings to 0. The old forum software had a specific timezone selection that automatically calculates local time, this one only has a fixed offset which is very lame indeed.


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