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LampizatOr - Lukasz answers quesions regarding r2r
« on: April 24, 2017, 04:53:03 PM »
Shedding some light and clarity on LampizatOr DACs r2r implementation from none other than Lukasz Fikus - owner of LampizatOr

At LampizatOr we are extremely proud to be pioneers of R2R tube technology. We were the first company to marry R2R with Tubes, especially DHT. Currently only some top 5 world DAC manufacturers offer R2R, and only we do it with tubes, only we do it without ANY silicon elements and only we do DSD as well.

Of course we did not manufacture the R2R engine itself, which is nothing more that a plain board with 240 resistors soldered in place. The cost of introducing such board is prohibitive and totally ridiculous from the perspective of small company. Sunk cost into manufacturing custom value resistors in 240 values times one million pieces minimum and 0,1% tolerances goes close to million dollars and the firmware management and development took over 5 years. Our vendor is a top computer company originating in Silicon Valley, California and is second to none in this field. 

As just yesterday in the world’s biggest audio show the AXPONA Chicago - in 3 out of top 5 systems, our DAC was employed. The most expensive system of the show featured our DAC and in the top 2 Best Sound systems - both had our DAC. This made our DAC the most successful digital source this year.

Do we use a cheap solution ?  Hardly.
99,99% of manufacturers of DACs , even those costing 30-40-50 000 dollars - use integrated circuit (the chip) to perform the conversion. Apart of the other elements like chassis, packing, display, power supply, output stages etc the chip in these DACs cost 1,5 dollars, sometimes 2,5 or maximum 4 dollars. The conversion element is only one of over a thousand (in our case - 300) other elements of the whole DAC.
We spend not 1,5 dollars, not 3 or 4. We spend 700 dollars on the balanced R2R engine and everything in it is proprietary. We use in house power supplies, power filters, conversion filtering firmware, processor flash, output stage, and all switching of inputs and outputs. Calling this a cheap solution is like accusing BMW of having the engine “made just of aluminium that anybody can buy for 6 euro per kilo in any shop”.

To explain further, we are the only company that offers unlimited, unconditional 5 years warranty that also covers shipping and our warranty is fully transferrable (the only in the audio business) and we are the only company that BUYS BACK the used DACS in exchange (trade in) for the purchase of new DAC from us.
We are the only company in the world which gives all SECOND HAND BUYERS the opportunity to send the DAC to us for factory test and check - we measure, test, adjust, clean and re-pack the machine and issue a New Owner Certificate with bill of health. All that is FREE except shipping one way

If that doesn’t convince you clearly our DAC is not for you and we feel sorry for that.

Łukasz Fikus
Owner at LampizatOr
Brzozowa 26A
05-552 , Poland

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